Doctoral Colloquium

Third International Conference on Creativity and Innovations at Grassroots
Doctoral Colloquium
19th-22nd Jan 2015
IIM, Ahmedabad

Giving voice, visibility and velocity to creativity and innovative potential of common people at grassroots has been the key goal of inclusive development. Honey Bee Network has emerged as a committed new social movement in support of knowledge rich, economically poor people for the last twenty five years. In order to enrich the ecosystem for inclusive and empathetic innovations, the Third ICCIG will pool the insights from the ground and global play-fields of ideas, institutions and initiatives.


  1. Open Innovations
  2. User Driven Innovations
  3. Ethical Issues in Management
  4. Institutional Building for Social Transformation

In addition, you can take a look at the themes mentioned for the main conference at

Attendee Requirements

Admission is open to doctoral / postdoctoral fellows or students currently enrolled in PhD

Requirements for Speaking Slots

If you wish to present your research at the ICCIG3 2015 conference, you need to submit an abstract by Nov 30, 2014 and Working paper embodying the research by Dec 15, 2014.

Requirements for Poster Sessions

If you wish to present research not yet completed or in the planning stages by participating
in a poster session at the ICCIG3 2015 conference, please submit a brief abstract of your research idea, and progress made to date by Nov 15, 2014.

A Poster is a graphic presentation of your research. You have to illustrate your paper by
displaying graphs, photos, diagrams and a small amount of text on the poster boards. Poster Sessions will take place in the conference area. Authors will hold discussions with registrants who would visit the poster exhibition for at least about half a day.

A typical reader may spend only 5 minutes looking at your poster, so there should be less
clutter and more brief informative statements along with relevant tables/figures. Keep in mind that your poster will be one among others in the exhibition area: it needs to capture and hold the reader’s attention.

Registration and Costs

Registration fees will be Rs 500. However, in deserving cases for students, the fees may be
waived. Please note that all attendees are responsible for both arranging and funding their own travel (in exceptional cases, support may be provided).


Please send in your queries/abstracts/full papers to with the subject Doctor Colloquium.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts/full papers and your research posters!

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