The third International conference on creativity and innovation at/for/from/with grassroots [ICCIG 3] was organised at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad from Jan 19-22, 2015 to enrich the ecosystem for inclusive and empathetic innovations. The main objective was to pool the insights from the ground and global playfields of ideas, institutions and initiatives. The conference covered four major themes of grassroots innovations: Technological, Cultural, Institutional and Educational. There was participation from various countries namely, India, China, US, UK, Russia, South Africa, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Togo, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Nigeria, Italy, Sri Lanka, South Korea. We had received close to 230 abstracts. There were around 300 participants from across the globe. There was also an exhibition of innovations and glimpses of Shodhyatras during the conference. We had a Doctoral Colloquium in which 26 students had registered from around the world.

ICCIG 3 Report

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